Rien Verschuur, painter

Rien Verschuur - July 2, 1946 - November 17, 2020

Op 17 november 2020 is Rien Verschuur, rustig in zijn slaap, overleden.
In de loop van 2021 zal een passende herdenking van Rien worden georganiseerd. Wij verzoeken belangstellenden om via dit formulier kenbaar te maken om hiervoor te zijner tijd een uitnodiging te ontvangen.

On November 17, 2020 Rien Verschuur passed away, peacefully in his sleep.
An appropriate commemoration of Rien will be organized in the course of 2021. We invite interested parties to use this form to receive an invitation in due course.

Lees hier het hele interview (in Dutch only)

Pen Drawings 2017 - 2018

In 2017 and 2018 Rien has mainly focussed on his pen drawings. A number of them have a nostalgic twist, the others are portraits of artists, composers, movie stars.

In 2017The Zeeland showcase, 2015

Rien has produced a series of paintings with the Zeeland theme: From Vlissingen to Koudekerke. In the following movie Rien explains his passion for Zeeland (in the Dutch language).

Light and shade

Geometry without being geometric, hard edges with soft lines, colourful and yet transparent, such are the works of art of Rien Verschuur, artist in Amsterdam. Inspired by Rembrandt, Picasso and Einstein, he is fascinated by the phenomenon light.

2003 Amsterdam

Paintings, Pen Drawings and smaller objects

Some 15 years ago the majority of Rien's art production were pen drawings, colourfull and with unexpected details. Slowely and surely he has gone back to his roots, and produced mainly acrylic paintings on canvas. Besides those, he makes also all kind of smaller objects to accomodate those who have not so much money to spend. Every painting and pen drawing is unique.

Book: A journey in time with Rien Verschuur

In 2011, Rien has celebrated his 65th birthday and also being a creative artist for 40 years. A number of Rien´s friends have taken the initiative to publish a book "A journey in time with Rien Verschuur".
Over 500 copies of the book, a 80-page hardcover edition, have already been sold. The books are becoming a collector´s item, a limited number is still available for €25.00 a piece (plus €7.50 for shipping). Just contact Rien by telephone.
The book contains only text in the Dutch language, but has also been translated into English by

Click on the logo to see the translation.

Video impressions

To get an impression of Rien's exhibitions, a number of video impressions are available on this website.

2009 Amsterdam

2008 Doetinchem

2007 Amsterdam

2006 Montigné-les-Rairies