A journey through Rien Verschuur´s life

An art book with 40 years of Rien´s works


In 2011, Rien celebrates his 65th birthday and also being a creative artist for 40 years. A number of Rien´s friends have taken the initiative to pay special attention to these two milestones, first by organizing a retrospective exhibition, and by publishing a book "A journey through Rien Verschuur´s life".

Book presentation

The author, the art historian Marcel Verhoeven, introduced the book at the opening of the exhibition by means of a video message.

Book text

The book contains only text in the Dutch language, but has also been translated into English by

Click on the logo to see the translation.

Book pictures

This art book contains more than 250 pictures of Rien´s work over mora than 40 years, from schoolboy in 1955 until the mature artist in 2011. Some of these pictures are page-wide, other have the size of a poststamp. To be able to publish as many art works as possible in the book, it was decided to publish all this art on Rien´s website, where they can be seen in more detail. That is where you are right now.

Right above here you see the following tabs:

To see a picture on a certain page, you click the tab with your page number. If you want for example the picture at the bottom of page 56, you select "Page 56-60". You get the following page:

In the art book, every picture has a so-called ´catalogue number´ assigned to it, this is just an arbitrary number. The screen above shows the pictures on small scale together the cattalogue number below it. If you click on the picture or the number, you will get the picture enlarged to your browser window. At the top it gives the catalogue number, the year that is was created, the English title, the Dutch title, the technique, and the size, all as far is they are known. For example, catalogue number 229 at the bottom of page 56 looks as follows:

Nota that it may take some time to download the large picture due to the picture size.

At the right hand bottom corner you find the navigation to step through all pictures that are shown in the webpage. You can also go back to the page with the multiple pictures by pressing the "Esc" button on your keyboard.